Newsletter for the Rotary District 9455 - Issue No.: 50 Issue Date: 20 Aug, 2014

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June Rotary Fellowship Month

The Rotary year 20 13/14 “Engage Rotary Change Lives”.

Well this is my last monthly newsletter, as the year draws to a close let me reflect on this year, what an amazing experience and an what an honour to be district Governor of the Rotary district, every Rotarian, if it was possible, should experience this amazing journey, and I thank you all for making my life as your district Governor such a great pleasure, it has been a year that I will remember for ever and I specifically want to thank my wife Ruth for supporting me throughout the year, I also want to thank all of the board members, all of the committees, all of the clubs and all Rotarians in district 9455.


Membership throughout the year has increased by 1% to the end of May 2014, some clubs have had a very good year with a good membership growth 11 clubs have increased their membership by over 10%, what is even better is six clubs have increased their membership by more then 20% and four of those increased their membership by more than 30%, I think it would be great to find out what these clubs did to increase by such a large percentage, if this is possible for 11 clubs, there is no reason why it could not be done by all clubs, I challenge you to consider this for the coming year and see if we could do that in Angus’s year as district Governor, membership is the most important thing for us to work on, ask yourself the question would I join my club today and if not why not, change is inevitable whether we like it or whether we don't, the world is changing faster every day and we need to consider to change with it or die.

We have been working on starting a new club in Ellenbrook and we have through the Rotary club of Swan Valley started a satellite club and we have inducted several new members into the satellite club and hopefully within a short period of time we will have enough members to charter the new club, we have also been working on rejuvenating the Rotary club of Joondalup, and we have had a very encouraging interest meeting with several potential new members and we will be starting a refreshed Rotary club of Joondalup city and we should be able to induct several new members during the month of June, we have also been working at rejuvenating the Rotary club of Port Hedland, this of course is not easy because of the distance from Perth to port Hedland, and I particularly thank PDG Colin Thorniley for the work that he has done with several helping members and we have booked an interest meeting for August 28, 2014, so we are looking at starting the 2014/15 year very well and look forward to really seeing our membership increasing to well above 1400.

Rotary Fellowship Month

June is Rotary Fellowship month and you may be aware that there are many different Rotary Fellowships, you may be interested in yachting or chess or maybe doll lovers or you might be interested in flying or fishing or even Italian culture why not look up the 2013 Rotary Fellowship office directory which you can find on  . And of course Fellowship happens within your own club and Fellowship happens by visiting other clubs there are nearly 1400 members in our district there are nearly 3000 members in Western Australia 1.2 million members around the world that we can have Fellowship we, having just been to the Rotary international convention in Sydney proves what a wonderful organisation Rotary is and if you haven't been to an international convention please consider this as this is just an amazing experience, the convention in Sydney was probably the best one I've been to, I have been to 6, perhaps I am biased however it was an amazing convention with great speakers and many breakout sessions in the house of friendship was just amazing.

Thank you district 9455.

What I have enjoyed the most as district Governor is the Fellowship we have had with each club, the welcome we received from each club, every club in our district without exception do so many amazing projects from the smallest country club to the largest clubs in Perth the good that we do in the world is the most amazing experience that I have had, if we could only take on one more project and make that project membership. Thank you so much for giving Ruth and I this wonderful experience and I look forward to serving district 9455 and my club in the coming years.

“Engage Rotary change lives” and let us now “light up Rotary” in the new Rotary year.

Hank de Smit

District Governor 2013 – 2014

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